JavaScript console for mobile devices

When developing in JavaScript, I always get a little annoyed about the lack of a debug console on iOS. And when I say ‘lack’ I mean the complete ass backwards obfuscation introduced in iOS 6, requiring you to physically hook your iPhone to your (Mac only!) development computer to view debug output. This approach, including various remote debuggers that are out there, is much too tedious when you simply need to view a value, see the contents of an object or – more likely – see the error message(s) your script caused, indicating why it isn’t working in the first place.

To that goal, I have developed mobileConsole; a JavaScript console for mobile devices. Lees verder »


Progressive & responsive image loading

Prime (progressive/responsive image enabler) is a JavaScript script I wrote, that allows for progressive & responsive image loading, potentially improving page speed by up to 96%.

This means that initially a small, low quality image is loaded on the page, and this is then replaced (after load) by a higher quality version, but only if required (if the element is actually in view of the user). That’s the ‘progressive’ part. If the user scrolls, rotates or resizes the page, this process is repeated for all visible elements, either adjusting them up or down. This is the ‘responsive’ part.

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